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Eduard Thöny

Brixen 1866 -
Holzhausen 1950

Eduard Thöny was born in Brixen, South Tyrol on 9 February 1866. He studied at the academy in Munich and was trained as a drawer and painter. He gained fame as a cartoonist for the magazine "Simplizissimus", which was founded in Munich in 1896.
He designed c. 2500 sheets over the years, on which he accurately depicted contemporary society and military. The satire revealed itself sometimes only in combination with the comments - Thöny's art is excellent genre painting. In 1904 Eduard Thöny travelled together with Ludwig Thoma and Rudolf Wilke along the Mediterranean: Marseilles, Algiers, Tunis, Naples and Rome were on their route.
The appreciation of Thöny's works decreased in an undeserved way with the decline of the social relevance of "Simplizissimus". Nevertheless the art professor's works found their way into the graphic collections of museums in his lifetime.
Eduard Thöny died in Holzhausen on the Ammersee on 26. July 1950.

Ketterer Kunst
Collecting fields:
e. g. 19th CENTURY
Friedrich Kallmorgen - Niederdeutscher Bauernhof
Friedrich Kallmorgen
"Niederdeutscher Bauernhof"
8,880 $

Paul Weber - Wildbach in den Catskill Mountains
Paul Weber
"Wildbach in den Catskill Mountains"
5,550 $

Théodore Jean Antoine Gudin - Felsenküste (Nordfrankreich?)
Théodore Jean Antoine Gudin
"Felsenküste (Nordfrankreich?)"
4,440 $

Wilhelm Trübner - Haus mit Madonna
Wilhelm Trübner
"Haus mit Madonna"
4,440 $

Alexander Koester - Porträt einer Tante des Malers
Alexander Koester
"Porträt einer Tante des Malers"
2,220 $

Friedrich August von Kaulbach - Maximilian von Heyl zu Herrnsheim
Friedrich August von Kaulbach
"Maximilian von Heyl zu Herrnsheim"
2,220 $

Alexander Koester - Birken am Waldrand
Alexander Koester
"Birken am Waldrand"
1,332 $

Alexander Koester - Mädchen am Marterl
Alexander Koester
"Mädchen am Marterl"
444 $